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We’re originally event wizards bringing the best chance for your brand with passionate integration and a stellar digital marketing plan crafted just for you. Over the years, apart from the laurels and accolades for our purposeful work, we have brought out the best of our strategies for our clientele across the globe. As a renowned Chennai agency, we hold detailed experience in events, brand management and digital marketing services.


We specialise in enhancing the value of brands across the world and helping them maintain it by relentlessly managing every little detail possible.


We run our events end to end and therefore have complete control over the creative process of the same. Every event with us is One of a Kind!


With our enriched experience in offline work and our strong technical team, we set out to achieve every client’s marketing goal.


ACTC Studio is the most Technically Equipped space to Explore, Learn, Perform & Shoot. Our team strives to give you the most delightful shooting experience to every artist who walks in.

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KEYWORDS – Unlock the Secrets of Digital Marketing!

The basic foundation of the internet runs on words. They form the backbone of information transfer, online communications, marketing…

What is the difference between ATL & BTL Marketing?

So, you have a company. How do you reach out to potential customers who will avail of your goods & services? 

Event Management

All about Event Management

One of the most interesting occupations is being an Event Manager. A whole lot of things happen behind the curtains to make an event successful. 

Marketing Campaign

How to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign?

In the 21st century, the advertising and marketing of products and services play a critical role in the success of businesses.

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The Art-Craft of CopyWriting

These simple taglines were enough for you to recall the original brands. These are prime examples of successful copy writings.It doesn’t need people to hear about the brand name. 

ACTC blog thumbnails - LITUP

Lit Up 2023 - The New Year Saga ~ How we organized the Grandest Celebrations in Chennai

Ideas are always born during the brainstorming sessions, one after the other


Where to Sell? Whom to Market?- Understanding the Target Audience

If you are an aspiring businessman or woman 


Your Ultimate BTL Marketing Partner

Below the Line (BTL) Marketing is a marketing technique through which advertisement and marketing are done through different channels other than TV, radio, or newspaper.


Thinking About Branding?

Things to keep in mind before you create your brand.

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Branding, Events, Digital & Advertising Solutions

Welcome to the forefront of creativity and excellence! We are a dynamic team of experts dedicated to propelling your business to new heights. Partner with us, let's redefine the possibilities for your business together.

We will get you NOTICED...

Old ways won’t always open new doors. Your brand might lack the edge needed to reach your target group. Partner with us to explore the realms of traditional and digital branding, getting you the right visibility for your business growth.


Telling compelling stories of your brand that reach millions!


We Tell The Story Of Your Brand

Our distinctive approach to branding sees to it that your business captures the attention of your potential customers.

Brand Identity

Market Research



ATL Marketing

ATL Marketing

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360° Event Management Excellence

From conceptualization to post-production, experience an all-encompassing event management service that ensures your event takes center stage.

Digital Marketing

All-Inclusive Digital Marketing Service

In today’s competitive market, the digital space is your key to business growth. Join us on the digital journey to reach your potential customers.

Media Planning

Content Marketing

Web Development

Web Development

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Performance Marketing

Youtube Marketing


Explore The Power Of Advertising At Its Finest!

Grab the interest of your target audience with our amalgamated and crafted ideas! ACTC Studio acts as your perfect advertising agency!

Public Relations

Our Promise Of Engagement & Advocacy!

Our extensive media and corporate network helps us foster influential narratives that will establish your optimized identity and reputation, and build lasting and trustful connections!

We craft visually appealing content to enhance your brand image!

Monkey Bar

Elevating Chennai's Favourite Gastropub Through Social Media!


Promoting the Royal Brands and their Legacies with Efficient Strategies!


Boosting the visibility of the newly launched Euro-Asian Restaurant & Bar at VR Chennai to thousands!

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Welcome to ACTC Studio!

A creative agency dedicated to getting you noticed in today's fast-paced world and helping you stand out in your niche.

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We have proudly presented a range of unique event brands, each a testament to our creativity and commitment to exclusivity.


We are always on the lookout for passionate and talented individuals who share our vision. Come, be a part of our team.

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