A Case Study of a Campaign that Reached 50 Million+ of Our Audience


In one of our interesting brand collaborations, we got to work with Amrutanjan. When the medicare brand approached us with a need to maximize reach and engagement, we designed and implemented a unique campaign for the brand to reach its audience.

This is how we did it?

To reach a massive audience, we designed and implemented a pan-India BTL campaign using its pain relief products, interact and engage personally with its target audience.

To use its pain relief products, we chose venues like IT Parks, Marathons events and major pilgrimage spots like Amarnath, Kedarnath, Tiruvannamalai, Sabari Malai and Kasi Viswanath where people with physical discomforts can be easily spotted.

At all the spots we designated, our promoters engaged with each of our audience personally through learning and tending to their physical discomforts.

The BTL campaign executed pan India, reached over 50 million people and engaged with 2 million and more of the target audience.

To make this campaign successful, we needed to identify the right platforms and audiences. We started with researching our target audience and identifying what they like to experience. This helped us decide on our strategy for the BTL campaign.

And, with this we delivered better results than expected by reaching over 50 million+ people in just over a few months of the campaign!

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