Hunger. It’s a part of us. It’s a part of life. Soul. Body. We have left the caves, created concrete jungles and established global communities. Cuisines evolved. Flavours transfused. But, Food remained unchanged. The quest for exploration and chasing eccentric tastes throughout the globe has been made easier by the worldwide web.

The internet is not just a place for foodies explorers, it is also where restaurants establish their digital storefronts. Websites where they can hold their recipes and traditions. Social Media platforms where they connect with the customers and record their moments. Ads where they can allure their customers. Lighthouse in a stormy sea.

All of that? Pixels. Pixels and words and data. That’s how you transform a bright silicone screen into a tapestry of flavours and vibrant colours. That’s how you make the viewer go to the map app, paste your restaurant coordinates, and show up at your table—converting a user into a customer, converting a pixel into a plate.

ACTC Studio offers a diverse range of digital marketing services and tools to elevate the digital presence & standards of your restaurant. Scroll on to read about our services & their benefits in depth. 

Websites - The Menu Card of Your Brand

For the sake of this blog, imagine the internet is the vast blue ocean, the users are ships, and your brand is an island. How do you attract customers to come to your brand?
There are many options, and one of the main factors is your website (aka your flag if you please). Social media is important for reaching out to your customers, but a website is where you can represent your brand values and other essential factors. That’s where an interested customer needs to land at the end of their search. So, your website should be attractive to leave a positive first impression. ACTC helps you create, revamp and manage your restaurant’s website to stay updated on trends.
Here is a list of our website services for the F&B industry: 

Web Development
Web Design
UI/UX Solutions
API Based Integration
E-commerce Solutions

We create responsive features and designs according to your brand identity and requirements. Our website content is SEO-friendly for your business to obtain a higher ranking. Other features include quick site speed, enhanced functionality, User Experience Optimization, and security of your website and the visitors.
We can also create Mobile App for your business! 

Social Media - A Virtual Taste Test

If your website is your flag and represents your island, then your social media is like a brochure showing everyone how your restaurant looks and feels! An efficient social media page gives the viewer a visual experience of your business!
ACTC curates the ultimate online landscape, ensuring your brand stands out amidst competitors.
We indulge in Content Calendar Planning and Influencer Partnerships to get the best boost up. With eye-catching visual graphics, compelling copies, and quality photographs, we portray the best of your feasts on Instagram and other platforms! 

Paid Ads & Performance Marketing - When Breadcrumbing Your Customers Is Good

These digital breadcrumbs aren’t meant to confuse the users; they are a curated path, personalized for your target audience, guiding their boats to your destination. Here is a list of our advertising services for the F&B industry:
PPC Advertising
Social Media Ads
Google Ads 
SEO Strategies & Audits

Our compelling Paid Ads across various digital platforms are placed with a strategy customized to your business needs. On top of the valuable clicks and engagement to your profile and website, these ads bring you high-quality leads and traffic to your business that will generate revenue and profits! Our ads transform casual clicks into customers at your table! 

YouTube Marketing: Broadcast your Business Memories!

Almost 2 decades after its launch, YouTube remains a crucial marketing tool on the Internet! Thus, it’s a game changer for your F&B business to utilize it! Here are our services for YouTube Marketing:
Content & Script Curation
Video Set-Up & Production
Paid Advertising on YouTube

Video Analytics

ACTC showcases the best of your BTS in the kitchen, highlights your menu dishes, and even guest testimonies through Video Marketing for Food and Beverage. With this form of marketing, your brand will get Global Reach, Visual Appeal, Search Engine Visibility, and Engagement from your customers!


ACTC Studio is proud to be a part of the digital revolution through which your educational institute will be elevated to the top of the field. With our digital marketing technologies and innovative marketing strategies, you can enhance your online presence, attract qualified prospective students, and achieve higher enrollment and retention rates. Website, SEO, social media marketing, content curation, or paid ads, the power of the internet and digital marketing is transforming education and paving the way to an advanced future of learning.

Connect with our dynamic expert team who will help your institute to navigate the terrains of education!
Let’s make learning great again! 

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