There’s an ancient proverb, a bit cliche but, it goes on to say, “The Greatest Wealth is Health”. Even empires have toppled over time however, these words have withstood as the truth. The principle of human evolution has always relied on elevating medicinal value and quality of life.

So, for a noble profession and businesses that function in this noble industry, ACTC Studio has a wide range of services for digital marketing! Scroll on to find out more about how we strive to transform the healthcare industry, one click at a time! 

Healthcare & Digital Marketing

The quest and pursuit of optimal health has aged like fine wine in a cellar. From the grinding of herbs, we have come a long way where with a few taps on our phones, we can book appointments with a doctor. This process is known as Telemedicine.

Telemedicine is known as the distribution of healthcare information and services through electronic mediums and communicative technologies. It allows doctors to reach out to patients over long distances for diagnosis, advice, and intervention, and to track recovery progress. Digital Marketing is a core part of telemedicine that can help streamline your services and connect with the people in need of them. It promotes your essential products to reach the perfect consumer. 

Website - Encapsulating Your Mission

As patients consult healthcare professionals remotely, it’s essential to have a foundational website that doubles down as the medium of communication. If you have a healthcare brand, you need to have a well-designed catalogue to present your brand and its values. Here is a list of our website services for the healthcare industry:
Web Development
Web Design
UI/UX Solutions
API Based Integration
E-commerce Solutions
Your health brand website needs to be enhanced and optimized for users to navigate and find appropriate information and products. ACTC Studio ensures the functionality and responsivity of your site through all devices.

Social Media

We manage your social media pages by emphasizing the features and uses of your products and services. With eye-catching design, content and strategies, your platforms will contain the essence of your brand. We create Content Calendar Planning that will align with your brand identity and voice. The social media presence and brand reputation will help you to engage with the right potential customers and establish a bond with them.

Paid Ads

ACTC Studio is known for its innovative digital marketing campaigns that will generate quality leads for your healthcare business! Here is a list of our advertising services for the telemedical:
PPC Advertising
Social Media Ads
Google Ads 
SEO Strategies & Audits
Our SEO standard practices allow your pages and business to become the face of the healthcare industry! Through these ads, we help your brand tap into global markets! Our campaigns are also cost-effective and guarantee ROI! (Return on investment) Segmentation techniques allow us to filter relevancy based on demographical details to target prospective clients.


The healthcare sector is changing as a result of digital services to boost patient outcomes, increase accessibility, and increase treatment delivery efficiency. ACTC Studio is pleased to be a part of this integrative process through which society can attain a sustainable and efficient healthcare system!

Connect with our dynamic expert team who will guide your business through the terrain of healthcare! Let’s embrace innovation and unleash the potential of digital marketing & telemedical! Together we can pave the way for medical service greatness! 

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