The Art-Craft of CopyWriting

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“Never Settle”

“The Ultimate Driving Machine”

“It’s Finger Lickin’ Good”

“A successful brand campaign relies on public recognition.”

These simple taglines were enough for you to recall the original brands. These are prime examples of successful copy writings. It doesn’t need people to hear about the brand name. Just a slogan is enough for the service or the product to click into the audience’s mind. The association plays a necessary role in marketing and advertising. Copywriters or content creators need to understand this psychology game to reap the benefits and master their craft.

5 Tips for creating an efficient Brand Tagline

i) 8 Seconds & 8 Words: The Beauty of Concise & Precise

The craft of slogan-making lies in its brevity. Even though technology has enhanced our lives, it has also affected our minds. The average attention of a human being is 8.25 s.
It could be a social media post, a website, an advertisement, or an app, the countdown starts as soon as a potential customer comes across it. A staggering truth is that it takes less than a second for them to decide if they like your branding.

Capturing the consumer’s attention is the hardest yet most crucial step of copywriting. It is important to communicate who you are and what you do within or what you want to imply and for your target audience to stop and think about you.

The best way to do this is to make it simple, short, and crisp. An efficient tagline or slogan contains 7-8 words. What does this mean? You have eight words to leave an impression about your brand.

Many brands indeed have successful campaigns with longer captions where they can express their story and missions however, even in these lengthy taglines, the first eight words are crucial to grasp the customer’s attention and encourage them to read on.

ii) “Just do it”: Conveying the purpose & spirit

Nike’s tagline is an excellent example. Being a company that sells sportswear primarily for athletes, its slogan touches upon multiple factors.

a) They are addressing their potential consumers directly.
b) The prevalent issue among the general population is getting over their procrastinating tendencies and reaching their goals, which in context to fitness is being active and having a regular workout routine. ‘Just do it’ also serves as a motivational slogan.
c) It only has three words that deliver an impact to its target customers.

iii) Adverbs – Friend or Foes?

If I ask you to point out successful brand slogans with adverbs, they would be hard to find. Let me tell you a secret; the majority of the time, when you need to use an adverb, it just means that there’s a better word that can be replaced or a simpler version of your phrase waiting to be discovered.
This also means that expanding your vocabulary is essential to become a better copywriter.

iv) “Eat Fresh” – Apart from the crowd and competition

Better writing doesn’t necessarily secure a long-lasting impact. Great communication is a base element, but the uniqueness of a slogan guarantees the longevity of your brand image.
One of Subway’s main selling points is that they bake their bread. A good slogan carries the main message and speciality of your brand.

v) Sharing the Main Character Moment – Don’t just communicate, connect.

Because You’re Worth It (L’Oreal)
Open Happiness (Coca-Cola)
Red Bull Gives You Wings (Red Bull)

What is the common implication between these taglines?
They reach out to your emotions. They make you feel. They make you connect to the brand. It invokes a sense of purpose or a mundane feeling and then makes you associate it with the brand. So, like all writers, copywriters need to be in touch with their emotions and express them in a relatable way adapted to brands.

The main way to master any craft is simple, by practicing. The success lies in making multiple taglines that will refine your skills.

At this point, if you were paying attention, you would ask an important question, what is the difference between a tagline and a slogan?
Now, that’s how this blog would leave you wanting more. It leaves you with a question and curiosity and would make you do a web search. This can also be a technique for your copywriting strategies, sprinkle curiosity – hook your customers and induce action towards your brand.

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