Thinking About Branding


Things to keep in mind before you create your brand.  

Thinking about making a brand that speaks your vision and captures your goals? Brands have always set the mark in various industries. It is important to create a brand that delivers the best. 

The sustenance of a brand depends on the quality and consistency of its product and services. Hence before you dive into creating a brand one needs to understand the responsibility. 

We at ACTC Studio can guide you in the right direction. We are a brand management firm based in Chennai. We can help you with new strategies and techniques to stand out among the crowd. We are extremely happy to help you in the creation and progress of your brand as your closest ally. 

Here are a few things to think about before the creation of the brand. Enjoy your food for thought!   

Definition is Key

Go back to the school days. Each concept began with a short definition. A single line sentence that describes the subject. That one-liner gave clarity to the concept or subject. This made it easier to build or learn further on the subject. 

Branding is also similar. One needs to find an accurate definition for their brand. It must clarify the purpose and motto of the brand. Only once the definition is clear the concept can be further expanded. Thus, defining the brand is crucial. 

Bring on an Identity

Everyone has an identity, so does a brand. The brand’s identity must resonate with the definition. The two key elements that help in creating a brand identity are, 

  1. Brand Logo
  2. Brand’s color scheme 

These two key elements represent one’s brand across the world. Therefore, one needs to be extremely careful while choosing their brand identity. The logo has to be placed and made visible at all times for a wider reach and recognition. 

Logo and the color scheme go a long way for a brand. Hence, one needs to be extremely careful while choosing them. Similar is the case with respect to font and text. These are a reflection of the brand’s identity. 

Brand’s Voice 

The voice of the brand is the personality of the brand. The voice of the brand needs to be consistent and will be unchanging. It is important to ensure that the voice is apt and right for the brand. Voice the brand is what will attract the crowd and leave a lasting impact. 

Tag It!

When you hear the line “Just do it” what comes to mind? Yes, it is a brand called Nike. This is the impact of a catchy and meaningful tagline. This one-liner can leave a lasting impact on your customers. Hence make sure to stand out with the taglines. 

One of a Kind

It is essential to be true to yourself and your brand if you aspire for a better and brighter future. Keeping the identity and values in check will help the brand to stand out and shine among the crowd. 

For example, there is an array of e-commerce that is coming in these days. If your brand has to stand out from the rest it must offer uniqueness and should not compromise in quality.  This will be the gateway to success. 

Digital Presence

No brand develops without a strong digital presence in today’s world. Navigating this road is not easy. This is where we come in handy. We are experts in digital services and solutions. We will share your vision and make it a reality for you.

The future of any business is on the digital platform and it is more than necessary to have a storing and compelling social media and other digital presence.

Woohoo Brainstorm 

Now you know a few things that you need to work on before starting your brand. Do not be overwhelmed. We are here to help you. ACTC Studio will offer you all aid in making a successful brand starting from the logo and definition. 

Even if you are an established brand you can avail of our services to give it the necessary boost. It will bring you more attention and love from your customers. 

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